Sunday, April 4, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom . . .

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It gets more exciting each day when I enter the greenhouse in the morning. I probably have 150 pots of 2009 seedlings to bloom. They bloomed first last year out in the garden, were selected, and potted with anticipation of bloom in the greenhouse for hybridizing. When they are finished blooming, they will be taken out and replanted in the display beds which is what I call my selected seedling beds.

Several of the potted seedlings blooming have H. 'Larry Allen Miller' as one of the parents. It is a Stamile'06 introduction. Pat describes it as a purple but many would call it a dark red.

The two seedlings below are No. 8169 (top) and No. 8171 (bottom). Both have LAM as the pollen parent and H. 'Awesome Bob' as the pod parent. AB was introduced in 2001 so you see, you don't have to use the newest parents to get something interesting.

One interesting cross that I am trying to decide whether to keep or discard is Seedling No. 9014 shown below. This seedling is a cross of H. 'Enchanted Dreams' (bottom left) Pickles 1996 X H. 'Crazy Ivan' (top left) Grace-Smith 2005. This is a large robust seedling with impeccable form, ruffling, substance, etc., but not a color that I would call a favorite. It is not that I dislike the color, it would not be a favorite. I would almost call it a brown.

A seedling that I consider a break through for me is No. 9034, a cross of H. 'Elisa Dallas' (bottom left) Trimmer 2004 X H. 'Wonder Of It All' Carr 2006. I have always liked ED for it's very distinctive eye, and of course, WOIA is one of my favorite flowers. So, I thought, why not put them together. The resulting cultivar is 5 ½", very round with an eye and edge. What makes it so distinctive is the sculpting in an eyed/edged daylily. Plus, check out the green throat that tends to radiate out on top of the sculpting.
The "greenhouse season" just seems to get better each day. I am truly blessed to be allowed to create these beautiful flowers.

Life is very, very good.


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