Thursday, April 8, 2010

Visitor & Greenhouse Bloom 7 . . .

Today was a glorious day! We received about ¾" of rain this morning. It seems as though we have had a lot of rain this spring, but the weather men (and ladies) say we are about 6" behind. Doesn't seem possible. I will have to wait 4 or 5 days before I can till in the garden again. After the rain this morning, I took the above picture of the Red Bud tree in the front of our house. I believe it is now about 15 years old as we planted it early on when we moved here.

Another special treat today was a visit from Bill Waldrop of Kinnesaw Mountain Daylilies in Marietta, GA. We had a great time talking daylilies and time got away from us so we decided to continue our conversation over lunch. Jean took this picture of Bill and me.

I am guessing that by next week I will be at peak bloom in the greenhouse. One of the seedlings that Bill spotted today was Seedling No. 9080, a cross of H. 'Fringe Benefit (no image) as the pod parent and our H. 'Horny Devil' (left) as the pollen Parent. No. 9080 is shown below.

One of the named varieties that caught Bill's eye was H. 'Bluegrass Memories' a 2008 introduction by Ted Preuss of Mississippi. This is a picture taken in the greenhouse this morning which does not show the true blue color of the eye. (I apologize to Ted for the incorrect name when I first put this on the blog. The above is correct).

Another day that would not have been possible if it were not for the friendships formed through daylilies

Life is very, very good.



  1. Hi Lee: I'm enjoying your blog very much. Love all the pictures, especially the seedling pictures with their parents.

    You might think about a sitemeter (many are free) that will tell you about your'd probably be surprised who drops by...especially traffic from overseas.

    Take care now...

  2. Lee,

    IMHO the offspring of the flower that you named after the Good Doctor should tell you that April 30th is too early!
    This kind of diversity wants/needs to be explored.
    If only to give you a headstart on Tommy&the rest of the world!

    Gerrit from The Low Countries by the Sea